July 10, 2008

T. Boone Pickens Energy Plan

I know that everyone is feeling the pain of the gas crisis. If the Democratic President Jimmy Carter had addressed the situation in the early 1970's when people were waiting in lines a mile long to get gas, and then it was rationed, we wouldn't be where we are today. Obama loves to say "well that plan will take 10 years to produce results", no matter whose plan it is. I sure don't hear any viable plan coming out of his mouth. So now on to Mr. Pickens. I don't know who this man is, (he says he's a Texas oilman) or what his political affiliation is, but he has a PLAN. Does anyone else on the scene today have a plan? Mr. Pickens says this plan depends on the person who is elected as our next President, and the cooperation of the congress (yeah right) to be brought to the American people. Well all I know is that if a certain President had done something about this problem 30+ years ago, this nation wouldn't be where it is today. And oh, don't forget, that President was a DEMOCRAT!!!
Here's a link to Mr. Pickens site, see for yourself, and then pass it on if it makes sense to you.


  1. T. Boone may go down in history as the fellow who lit the fuse to start the US Energy Transformation. Like Obama he was smart enough to use the most powerful technology--social networks-- to build a grassroots and decentralized network that he will never be able to control, but never will the entrenched powers to be.

    take note folks, this movement is going to be a transformational experience.

    jeffrey gordon


  2. Using the internet to get his idea's the most exposure may be similar to Obama's, but I have to believe the similarities stop there!


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