September 03, 2008


We have definitely hit a new LOW in American politics. The attacks that have been playing out in the mainstream media on Sarah Palin are absolutely a new all time LOW! There is an orchestrated attack on this woman's credibility by the Democratic Party and their left wing cronies to get McCain to drop her from the ticket. And why praytel would they be so AFRAID of her ?? Because she has given momentum to the Republicans, and the base is totally energized by her.
I don't remember the MSM digging into Obama's associations with Ayers, Jeremiah Wright or Tony Rezko. In fact they swept all that under the rug by saying it was nothing more than a RIGHT WING attack on their MESSIAH!!! Talk about a DOUBLE STANDARD!! "Yeah we're all for a woman in the White House, as long as she's not a strong Republican woman". The stories that are making the airwaves make me angry. Even "Hollywood Tonight" had to get it's two cents in, by comparing Sarah Palin to Lynn Spears, give me a break. I don't remember seeing such a feeding frenzy in the MSM in my lifetime, and it's going to backfire on them. Not just Republicans, but fair-minded men and women from all political beliefs are outraged!! More on this later, I have to go to work, but this issue is far from over....

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