February 19, 2009

1984 Is Just Around the Corner

I know that technically we're 25 years beyond the date that book was talking about,but hey, if the shoe fits wear it! If my memory serves me correctly, the book predicted a state where our every move, action and thought was monitored by "Big Brother" (Or Big O as I like to call him). This next article, courtesy of Michele Malkin's web site, shows that it is all too possible in the realm of "Big O". This should serve as a wake up call to scare the bejeezus out of anyone who doesn't fall in line with the new administration... Be Afraid friends, Be Very Afraid!!

"An Oklahoma City police officer wrongly pulled over a man last week and confiscated an anti-President Barack Obama sign the man had on his vehicle.

The officer misinterpreted the sign as threatening, said Capt. Steve McCool, of the Oklahoma City Police Department, and took the sign, which read “Abort Obama, not the unborn.”
Chip Harrison said he was driving to work when a police car followed him for several miles and then signaled for him to pull over.

”I pulled over, knowing I hadn’t done anything wrong,” Harrison said in a recent phone interview.
When the officer asked Harrison if he knew why he had been pulled over, Harrison said he did not.

”They said, ‘It’s because of the sign in your window,’” Harrison said.

”It’s not meant to be a threat, it’s a statement about abortion,” Harrison said.

…The officers confiscated Harrison’s sign and gave him a slip of paper that stated he was part of an investigation. Harrison said he later received a call from a person who said he was a lieutenant supervisor for the Internal Investigations Department and wanted to know his location and return his sign to him. According to Harrison, the supervisor said the Secret Service had been contacted on the matter and had told them the sign was not a threat to the president.?"

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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!!

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