February 07, 2009

The Emperor Has No Clothes

I had to share this editorial I found on the Canadian Free Press site. I couldn't have expressed the thought better than the man who wrote this.

The Emperor Has No Clothes!
The Emperor Has No Clothes!
By Ron Ewart Saturday, February 7, 2009

The wise ones knew it. Those that were observing with open eyes and reading between the lines, were predicting what would happen. We were all cognizant of the treachery that lay behind the polished veneer and the orchestrated, contrived oratory. We were aware of the backgrounds of his radical and corrupt associations and the influence these associations would have on his thought processes and decisions. We questioned the validity of his natural birth and were deeply concerned about his total lack of executive experience. This “candidate”, rising up out of the shadows of Chicago corruption, was being groomed for plenary power.

All throughout the presidential campaign the warning signs were there. We knew what would happen when this false Messiah was elevated to the throne. Alas, our gravest concerns have come to pass. The Chosen One’s, ”I shall Make Thee In My Own Image”, has been revealed for all to see. The Emperor has now been defrocked and his treachery is being exposed within just the first few days of his reign!

Right out of the starting gate he moved to emasculate America and increase the dangers to our national security by issuing an executive order to close the Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, detention center. He slapped many survivors of terrorist acts (USS Cole) in the face, by suspending on-going military tribunals of those very same terrorists. In open defiance, one military judge thumbed his nose at the Emperor and went ahead with the trial anyway. The Emperor then diluted our intelligence capability by appointing an inexperienced, “milk toast” to be head of the CIA (Leon Peneta) and with the stroke of his traitorous pen, removed successful mechanisms for extracting valuable information from our captured enemies.

His first major interview was with a foreign Television station in Saudi Arabia, wherein he bad-mouthed the previous administration and pandered to the Arab community that would see us in Hell before compromising their barbarous, radical, brutality. He had the audacity to cavort with our enemies behind our backs. The great appeaser, in the spirit of Neville Chamberlain, had spoken his words of treachery before the ink was dry on his solemn oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help him God!

His inexperience allowed the liberal inmates in the U. S. House of Representatives, under the leadership of the crazed Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, to run amok in crafting a so-called stimulus plan that was 10% stimulus and the rest a dumping ground for every pork legislation the Democrats could conjure up. The Senate is now positioned to carry on the House’s fiscal insanity.

He appointed to his cabinet, left-over, tainted Clintonites and other cretins who thought themselves above the law and failed to pay their income taxes, along with other infractions, for which the rest of us would have gone to jail. We wonder what other laws these paragons of virtue failed to follow, or how many others of their ilk are embroiled in corruption and scandal, but have yet to be uncovered? In our declining trust for anything that is government, we fear way too many.

The most egregious cabinet appointment was “Geitner” as Secretary of the Treasury, who would oversee the Internal Revenue Service, the very government agency whose laws he had premeditatedly violated. To the amazement and horror of many of us, this tax cheater was affirmed by the U. S. Senate. The Geitner appointment was followed by the sleaziest, hypocrite of them all, Tom Daschle. He pulled out of the appointment after being caught in not paying $140,000 in income taxes, we hope, forever disgraced.

For two years prior to the presidential election, we listened to the Emperor’s hype and propaganda of his vague, undefined vision of hope and change. The hope and change we got was neither hope, nor change, but just more of the same, only worse.

On inauguration day, the Whitehouse website went up with the Emperor’s agenda. That agenda reflects exactly what the wise men among us, feared. The agenda was socialism with a capital “C”. An agenda that will remove any hope of diluting or reining in, rising government power ..... an agenda that will increase our crushing national debt that will take multiple generations to retire, if ever ..... an agenda that will tear down the fabric of our moral culture and the sacred value of family and infiltrate it with the secularist playbook, where anything goes and no behavior is too abhorrent ..... an agenda that will dissolve or outright steal our individual, unalienable rights, the irrevocable gift from our creator ..... an agenda that will blur our very sovereignty, to be replaced by the one-world-order, under the control of an out-of-control, hopelessly corrupt, United Nations, or the world money changers, or both ..... an agenda that will make more American dependents and wards of government, instead of instilling independence, self-reliance and responsibility in our citizens ...... citizens that will end up being seduced by thefts from the public treasury and will keep the traitors in power with votes, purchased by our hard-earned tax dollars, taken from us at the point of a gun, metaphorically speaking.

Within days of his ascendency, the Emperor was badgering us with not hope, but with dire words of fear mongering, catastrophe and despair. According to the all-wise one, we are in the midst of the worst crisis that America has ever experienced and that we must move rapidly forward with this boondoggle of an untested, irresponsible stimulus package, that is anything but stimulus. His pontifications were and are a bold faced lie, that he arrogantly utters from his inexperienced, child-like face. The fact is, several of our recessions in the Twentieth Century were far worse than the current one.

But what the stimulus package really is, is the unabashed, blatant attempt by the Emperor and the Democrats to put the final vise grip on power that could last for the rest of the Twenty First Century, or up until the second American revolution, which ever occurs first. The Emperor, this false purveyor of Hope and Change, has become the most powerful man on Earth, riding into Washington DC, hidden in a brightly appointed, Trojan Horse. Should he be successful in unleashing his camouflaged socialist/Marxist treachery upon the citizens of this once-proud land, the flag of freedom will be forever banished to the crumpled pages of history. If this does not make you angry, we fear for your sanity.

This man, this fraudulent candidate, this false Emperor, is not my President and I bear no allegiance to him, nor those that follow him, nor his traitorous agenda, as he and they bear no allegiance to the U. S. Constitution, upon which he and they have sworn on oath to preserve, protect and defend.

Never in the relative short life span of this grand Republic, has the need been more pronounced for free men and women of all stripes, to rise up in unison and strip naked this Emperor and the minions that do his bidding, and expose his true identity and his and their treacherous plan to make over America in his own distorted image ..... before it is too late.

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Ron Ewart, President, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RURAL LANDOWNERS. An organization dedicated to re-establish, preserve, protect and defend property rights

Ron can be reached at: r.ewart@comcast.net

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