March 08, 2009

Why Doesn't The President Have Any COMMON SENSE?

Okay, lets think about this mess we're in financially in this country. I'm going to apply some common sense ideas and tell me why our politicans can't come to these same conclusions, if you can.
If a wage earner in a normal American family has their hours cut, is laid off, or God forbid fired, what do MOST sensible people do? I think I would evaluate the situation, see how much of a deficit the family is facing and then go to work at cutting what can be cut.

For example:
  1. Cell Phones: cut the plan minutes, cut the internet and text messaging
  2. Cable and Satellite TV: cut out the movie channels, scale down to the basics
  3. Fast Food: eliminate it
  4. Grocery Shopping: stop buying junk, candy, chips, etc.
  5. Credit Cards: stop buying things that aren't "Free"! Credit card rates are going up, up, up and especially if you are losing income you can't afford higher monthly payments
  6. Entertainment: Stop going out to movies, restaurants, bars, etc. It may make you feel good for the short term, but so will renting a movie for $4.99 and making a pizza with the family
I'm hoping you get the idea. But apparently our politicians don't! How in the world can they think that spending, spending, spending and especially on borrowed money that they don't have, can make things better?? Definitely food for thought..

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  1. W/R/T your #2: we have Dish Network, and have had since our days up in Grand County (since the Divide has a way of blocking signals from the Front Range); we discovered last month that it's now possible to pay for just local channels for something like $6 a month. For those who have cable/satellite not for the extra channels but just for decent reception, that's a reasonable option.

    As for the broader point of your post: remember, these are folks for whom increased government spending equals increased political power. Viewed from the right angle, their actions make perfect sense.


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