October 25, 2008

I've Been on Vacation !!

Ok we have 10 days left til election day. We have got to get out the vote for McCain/Palin in big way the last days. We cannot have this man who has no experience, poor judgment, terrorist buddies, and a socialist world view as the next president of this great nation. We can't put our security in the hands of this man!! He has bought this election. He has every liberal, far left publication endorsing him.  He has been endorsed by Hugo Chavez and the Iranian Foreign Minister, my god,what more reason is there not to vote for him??? If you could just go to www.johnmccain.com and sign up to call undecided voters. They will give you the names and numbers of people in your area to call. PLEASE it won't take 20 minutes out of your evening to help make a difference in the history of our country!
Listen to this great song by Hank Williams Jr.       

Hank Williams JR- "The McCain-Palin Tradition"

Make sure you get out and VOTE!!

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