November 22, 2008


Well, obviously there have been no recent posts on this blog, for good reason. When you give your all to something and it ends unfavorably, you're just stunned. That is how I've felt since the election. To actually think the the most inexperienced presidential candidate in the history of presidential elections could win this is a testament to where our country is headed, and from where I'm sitting it doesn't look good at all.
This country has voted for a president based on either:
1. The color of his skin (a white candidate with similar non-qualifications wouldn't have even been nominated)
2. The promises of something for nothing (as evidenced by the woman who said she didn't have to worry about paying her gas and mortgage bill anymore)
3. And last but not least PURE STUPIDITY!! just check out the web site below if you have any doubt of this!

I don't know about you, but I researched the candidates I voted for. I also researched Barack Obama, and what I found scared the hell out of me!! Some of those articles were posted previously on this blog. So now I have to change directions for this blog and I couldn't think of anything better than to become a watchdog of the media, and the new president. The media still won't give up its obsession with Sarah Palin. Take David Letterman, for example, in interviewing Katie Couric, he described Gov. Palin as "the first vice presidential candidate that I found myself being aroused about." EXCUUUUUSE ME!! I believe there is a law against gratuitous sexual inferences on TV shows. So I will be voicing my concern to the FCC, and boycotting CBS.

I'm sure I won't be the only citizen watching, reading and listening to everything the media tosses at us regarding the wonderful new administration, which already is starting to look like nothing more than a retread of the Clinton administration. Sure doesn't strike me as anything resembling "Change"!!

So come join me for the ride, its going to be a rocky 4 years if the last 4 weeks have been any indication.

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