November 27, 2008

Give Thanks For All Our Blessings

On this Thanksgiving 2008, there is so much uncertainty swirling around this great nation. I suppose the first settlers felt pretty much the same way. Would they be able to survive the coming winter(they lost 46 that first year)? Would they be able to hold their own against a variety of enemies emerging from within their own ranks, or abroad? Would their Faith give them them the strength and courage needed to handle all these challenges? That first winter in the "New World" was 1621 and it wasn't a year to be thankful for. The following year resulted in a plentiful harvest and the survivors decided to celebrate with a feast that would include 90 natives who helped them hunt and fish and plant New World crops like corn and squash. There was no mention of "Thanksgiving" as we observe it today. Thanksgiving became a nationwide day of Thanksgiving over 200 years later on Oct. 3, 1863 as a proclamation by Abraham Lincoln.
Let us remember and give thanks, not only for what we have, but for all those who gave their lives from 1621 through today to allow us to live in the greatest FREE nation in the world. God Bless America!!

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