November 23, 2008

Glen Beck Fans for Sarah Palin

I am a member of Team This is one great place to meet other disgruntled conservatives,whose main goal is to keep the media from attacking Sarah Palin, and to keep our eyes on the numerous media outlets and what's being said, check it out at Team

If you want the truth about what road the radicals in Washington are trying to lead this country down, listen to Glenn Beck, he tells it like it is. Educate yourself guys. Beck recommends 3 books to fill in the gaps in education that the public schools have left out of their curriculum.
1. The 5,000 Year Leap, A Miracle That changed the World, by W. Cleon Skousen.
I got mine from: They have a great site, and you can get free copies of the constitution, and other great documents from our founding father.

2. The Forgotten Man, A new History of the Great Depression, by Amity Shales

3. Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

If we don't know the history of our great country, how our Founding Fathers looked to a Power greater than themselves to forge the means by which every American would be granted the rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, then we won't realize how far down the rabbit hole our new president is planning to take this country if we don't watch him vigilantly, and then do everything in our power to keep that from happening!!

Also there is still time to vote for Sarah For Time Magazine "Person of the Year".
There is not a real good chance of catching Obama for the number one spot, but Tina Fay and now Hillary are in front of Sarah. Please, take some time out of your day and cast as many votes as you can. You can refresh the page after you submit your vote and vote again, just make sure you slide the slider to 10 and that it shows your rank as a 10 before hitting submit. Sarah started this poll at number 1 and then the Obama people really started working and got him the votes. No, we probably can not catch his votes, but to have Tina Fey and Hillary ahead of Sarah is making me sick. If every one just voted once we could make big progress. Thanks.

Time Magazine Person of the Year

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  1. I respect you. I am a Red, White, and Blue Democrat, and deserving of your respect as well. Sarah Palin, is derving of our respect as well. She loves her country, she looks nice, but she simply lacks the intelligence to hold a position of great global responsibility. No one should demean her or disrespect her in any way, nor should they vote for her. I pray that they will never have a chance.
    John Emerson, Durham, N. C.


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