July 14, 2012

You Don't Know Barack Obama!

      It has been a  long time since I've had time to attend to my blog, but time is getting close for the most important election in our lifetimes and I have pledged to do all I can to remove the impostor in the White House. Barack Obama was given a pass by the Mainstream Media in 2008. No one wanted to look into this man's roots. Too many people believed in his fictitious background and hailed him as the great uniter. I have my own personal rationale for why so many white voters refused to do their homework on this man. Our entertainment and educational systems have taught us that the white race was, and still is,  responsible for all the ills of the black race from slavery to poverty. What better way to absolve that guilt than to vote for an African-American man for president. Defend him, praise him and make him "The One we have been waiting for". Hogwash! For starters he isn't descended from an African slave. His father was not a slave. His father was a revolutionary in Kenya as was his grandfather. They were imprisoned for fighting against the British Colonial Army in a Kenyan uprising. They hated the British, and in extension, any other "Western" country who occupied or colonized 3rd world countries. Obama's mother believed in Barack Sr.'s vision for the world, not just reparation for slavery, but a much bigger undertaking, Global reparation. That was Obama's "Dream From His Father".
     Everything he has done as President has been a means to achieve that end. Apologize to all the 3rd world countries for the acts of a powerful nation seeking not to colonize, but to foster democracy, freedom and liberty. Deny our own country the ability to drill and become less dependent on foreign oil, yet give our taxpayer money to other countries, Brazil, Mexico, and let them drill off our coast and then tell them we'll be their best customer. Who does that?? Involve America in an uprising in Libya and Egypt to expel the leaders who have been somewhat cooperative with the U.S. but let Iran develop nuclear weapons, and Syria massacre it's own people. Who does that?? Work toward a nuclear arms treaty that would deplete our missile supply, but not Russia's India's, China's, Pakistan's, you get the idea. Who does this?? Return a bust of Winston Churchill, that was a gift to the White House under President George W. Bush after the 9-11 attacks. Who does that??  BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA

    The man who said on election night the he would change American, and change the world. Did anyone wonder exactly what he meant by that? Read Dinesh  D'Souza's book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage" and you will know. People have tried to label him as many things but only one definition really fits.
Obama is an Anti-Colonialist! He wants to make America no more important a nation than Kenya.
He not only wants to redistribute the wealth in America, he wants to redistribute America's wealth to the world. This isn't a fantasy on my part to defeat Obama, it is the truth! How could any intelligent American citizen vote for a man who wants to destroy our way of life?

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