September 11, 2012

Is America Still the Home of the Brave?

Now that the hoopla of the conventions, that hardly anyone watched, are over, we have to get down to the real business of saving our country from eminent ruin. This should be a no-brainer to anyone with a lick of sense as I will explain.

  • We have more people with their hands in the federal cookie jar than ever in our country's history.
  • Family incomes are down over $4,000.00 a year since Obama took office. 
  • The workforce participation rate is the lowest since Carter was in office, and does not take into consideration the increase in population of working age.
  • Small business start ups are down considerably due to the uncertainty of the future taxes, regulations, obamacare, etc.
  • Our possibility to become less dependent on foreign oil has been diminished by a president who refuses to allow exploration on government owned land or off shore.
  • Our country is 16 trillion dollars in debt and our currency is being devalued because the Federal Reserve just prints more money, or should I say quantitative easing.
  • Our standing in the world is continually being deflated, just like our currency.
  • Our children and grandchildren will inherit a country that our forefathers wouldn't even recognize!
If the voting public doesn't realize that this election is about saving the very soul of the country that so many gave their lives for. That the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever known is tetering on the verge of extinction. That free stuff cannot outweigh the price of Freedom, then Obama will have achieved his goal of global redistribution of wealth and the demise of America, no longer the land of the free or the home of the brave. 


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