September 12, 2012

Obama's Strong on Foreign Policy, Really?

On the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on America, what happened in the Middle East? The American Embassy in  Cairo, technically American soil, is attacked, the American flag torn down, shredded and burned. They tried to raise an Alqaeda black flag praising Allah and Sharia law. The consulate in Libya was burned in what appeared to be a planned attack which killed 4 Americans including the American Envoy to Libya.  Can we all guess what our president did? You got it! APOLOGIZE! Oh apparently some lunatic pastor from Florida, who also threatened to burn the Koran last year, has also posted an anti-muslim video on YouTube. Sorry, I'm not buying that one! When will this administration from the State Dept, to the DOD all the way up to the president realize that there are Islamic terrorists! Look at the videos of the fanatics trampling on our Flag! It reminds me of the  videos we saw of the Muslims dancing in the streets after 9/11. This president "led from behind" but in the end he sent in airstrikes on Libya and Egypt.
Mubarek and Kadaffi were dictators, in Obama's world view they were "colonialists". He supported their take down on that fact and that fact alone! The uprising didn't make room for a democracy. It is leading the way to "Sharia Law" and   the start of a global Caliphate. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a secular organization. It suppresses free speech, women's rights and wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth just like Iran. Members of the Muslim brotherhood have infiltrated every sector of our government. They were behind changing the language in our troops handbooks to remove any mention of Islamic terrorists. They have been invited to the Whitehouse on more than 1 occasion and Morsi will be meeting with Obama at the end of the month when Obama's schedule is too busy to meet with Benjamin Netanyanu the president of Israel. Every American Patriot should contact their Senators and Congressmen and tell them to stop the billions of dollars in foreign aide that is going to these Middle East countries who are not our allies! Egypt plans to buy German u-boat submarines on our taxpayers dime! Hmmm, what do they need those for?
Yes Mr. President, I'm sure Egypt just LOVES your foreign policy. I can see why!

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